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Individualized Pet Sitting

Cuddles, care, & a whole lot of fun

Let one of our professionals give your pets the love and care they deserve with daily pet sitting filled with lots of fun, exercise, and cuddles!

Pet Sitting Rates

Visits include let out and/or walk, feeding and medications. The extended time gives more time for attention, longer walk, or just extra cuddles for your fur babies while your on vacation.

15-minute visit



30-minute visit



45-minute visit



Overnight Stays*



Ready to schedule?

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*Overnights include a 9hour sleepover from 10pm - 7am 
30 minute Breakfast Visit between 7am-9am & a 30 minute Dinner visit between 6pm-8pm.
Additional services may be requested at the time of booking if needed. 

Available 7 Days a Week

Is your beloved pet in need of dedicated care and activity while you're away from home?  Whether you're on vacation, a business trip, or need a helping hand during your absence, we're here to provide top-notch service for all your pets.  Our team specializes in comprehensive pet care, ensuring your furry loved ones receive the attention and affection they deserve, whether it's a leisurely stroll, interactive playtime, or simply some quality bonding moments.  This service is specifically tailored for those away from home who need reliable pet care.  Choose the service window and duration of time that's best for your pup, and we'll take care of the rest!  And for those who want to keep their dogs on a routine, services can be automatically renewed each week for your convince.
Service Windows:
  • Morning: 7 am-9 pm
  • Mid-Day: 11 am-3 pm
  • Evening: 4 pm-6 pm
  • Late Evening: 7 pm-9 pm
Service Durations:​
  • 15 minutes:  Perfect for a quick playtime and cuddles or just to feed and water and checkup.
  • 30 minutes:  Excellent for active dogs and energetic puppies who need some much-needed attention.
  • 45 minutes:  Recommended for high-energy dogs who need lots of exercise and just a bit more time out and about.
Are you planning an extended trip and concerned about leaving your pets and home unattended?  Our Overnight Pet Care and House-sitting service offers you complete peace of mind while you're away.  This specialized service entails one of our experienced pet professionals staying overnight in your home with your pets.  It's designed to provide your pets with the extra TLC, companionship, and security they desire, all while safeguarding your home.
Our House Sitting and Overnight Pet Care Service includes an 8-hour overnight stay and (1) 30-minute return visit during the day. Designed for taking care of your home and pets and completing minor household tasks while you are away.
 Service Windows:
  • Overnight Stay: 10 pm-7 am or 9 pm-6 am 
  • Return Daytime visits can be customized to accommodate (1) mid-day or late afternoon return visit.
 If your pet needs an extra potty break, you can schedule an additional visit.
 Each Visit Includes:
  • Up to 2 pets ($3 additional per pet)
  • 9 hours overnight stay 
  • (1) 30-minute return visit during the day. 
  • Real time updates: Notes, Pictures, Visit Report Cards, GPS, and time tracking data will be sent to you after each visit.
  • Potty Break
  • Walk (unless playtime in the backyard is preferred)
  • Playtime and TLC
  • Feeding and freshwater
  • Medication administration and/or supplements
  • Daily Wellness Check
  • Litter Box Maintenance
  • Home area inspection
  • Mail, newspaper, and parcel retrieval
  • Plants Watered (as needed)
  • Lights and window treatments alternated
We understand that every home and pet is unique.  We offer flexibility in scheduling, allowing you to tailor the service to your specific requirements.  Whether you have one pet or a menagerie, our Overnight Pet Care and House-Sitting service ensure they're well cared for, your home is secure, and you can enjoy your time away with absolute confidence.
Contact us today to discuss your needs and book this service for your next trip.  We're here to provide the utmost care and peace of mind for you and your beloved pets.


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"We LOVE April and her team. She's trustworthy, reliable, and caring. She's a great communicator- always keeping me updated with pics and status. Thank you all for taking care of my pup! it means the world to me to know she's in good hands!"


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