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Pet Walks, Exercise, and Fun Activites for all of your furry family members

Dog Walker

Dog Walking

One of our caregivers will visit your home between the hours of 11am & 3pm to walk your dog, play ball in the yard, or give them some well-deserved love and attention. It’s your choice!

Our Services

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Pet Sitting

One of our caregivers will visit your home up to 4 times per day, Morning, Mid Day, Evening, and Late at Night to take care of your precious Pets. We will also bring in your mail, take out the trash, and water a few indoor plants at no extra charge. No longer than 12 hours ever go in-between visits. For example, if your pets were visited at 8 pm, the Pet sitter would arrive at your home no later than 8 am the following morning.

Shiba Inu at the Beach

Adventure Outings

In addition to these basic services, we offer a wide variety of options as well as premium services so that you can customize your pet care and house care plan to meet the exact needs of you and your pet.

Service Area

We serve the following Little Rock and Maumelle neighborhoods:

The Heights




Before your first service

The Meet & Greet

Meet & greets are required prior to beginning services with us. They are a great opportunity for us to meet you, get to know your pets, learn their routine and space, and of course, answer any questions you may have before your reservation. Add any other information you want to add here!

How meet & greets work:

We'll come to your home at your scheduled meet & greet time

First things first, we'll spend some time getting to know your pets to make sure they become familiar with us and we're able to connect with them

Then, we'll go through your paperwork so we can ask any clarifying questions. Once that's done, you'll have the opportunity to ask us any questions, too!

If we decide to move forward, we'll get you confirmed for your first reservation and celebrate!

Dog Owners
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